Thursday, August 4, 2016

6 great benefits of herbal solo garlic

Here are 6 benefits of solo garlic, which is used by the Javanese since ancient times for various treatments.

Preventing cancer
The content of sulphide contained in it helps the liver against cancer trigger.

Treat influenza
The stench emanating from garlic stimulates the membrane mocus that respiratory tract can be relieved.

Lowering blood cholesterol
The content of nutrients in garlic could protect the heart from bad cholesterol found in the blood. By eating solo garlic regularly can lower blood pressure so that cholesterol can be dropped.

As an anti-acne.
Facial acne usually inflamed so by rubbing garlic on acne inflamed until the ooze pus. Do it every day until the acne flared. By using a natural anti-septic made of garlic, the benefits of garlic for acne make the face is not getting worse and spread to other parts of the face.

Relieve asthma and colds.
You do this by mixing single garlic with honey. Garlic is filtered with water and consumed regularly every morning. If the disease is reduced use of these drugs can be stopped.

Treating hemorrhoids
Juice of garlic, which can treat hemorrhoids by applying on the anus swollen. Hemorrhoids will slowly shrink and disappear.
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