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5 Potions of Temuireng Herb for Health

Temuireng is a kind of herbal plant which has the botanical name Curcuma aeruginosa. Temu Ireng plant can reach a height of 2 m. The stem is apparent, and is composed of a collection of leaf midrib wet and green. The leaves are purple-brown darker on the bones along the leaves.  The leaves are single, long, and consists of 2-9 strands. Circular blade extends to lancet, a pointed tip and base, dark green on the left and right of the veins. Leaves 31-84 cm long, with a width of 10-18 cm.

The part of the plant most efficacious is the rhizomes. White with black accent lines. It felt very bitter and cold. These plants have been used in Indonesia traditional medicine because it is believed efficacious as a laxative fart (carminative), shed sputum, increased appetite (stomakik), anthelmintic, and can assist in cleansing the blood after childbirth or after menstruation.

Temuireng also has some properties or effects on health such as anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, blood purifier, anticoagulants, anti neoplatic (anticancer), tonic, liver protective (hepatoprotective), as well as the benefits of antibiotics.
Wet temuireng

Chemical compounds in Temuireng:
essential oil
Dry temuireng

Temu Ireng often used as a mixture of traditional herbal medicine in various parts of the Indonesian archipelago. As for some of the benefits that can be obtained from temuireng is:

1. Increase of appetite
The content of curcumin contained in temuireng been trusted by the Indonesian to increase appetite. How to mix is as follows:

  • Prepare several pieces of rhizomes temuireng, then wash them clean
  • Grated rhizome, then add water
  • Wring the potion
  • Potions temuireng ready to drink

2. Fertilize womb
To fertilize the womb try to:

  • Prepare temuireng +/- 25 grams, 25 grams temugiring, as well as 20 grams of kencur
  • Boiled with 600 cc of water use, the lift when the water remaining half.
  • Then filter the water decoction.
  • Drink while warm.

3. Treating pain during menstruation
To cope with menstrual disorders such as pain, try to consume a potion made from temuireng. How to make these ingredients are:

  • Prepare 25 Gram temuireng, Galangal 20 grams, 20 grams of Turmeric, 1 pcs Tamarind.
  • Boil using +/- 600 cc of water until the water levels stay +/- 200 cc only.
  • Strain the decoction
  • Drink while warm

4. Relieve cough
Problems cough can often interfere with our daily activities. This can be caused by several factors, such as pollution, climate change and other matters. To alleviate or resolve this problem, try to consume the herb of temuireng regularly. To make the potion, here's how:

Prepare 25 Gram temuireng, cumin 5 grams, 25 grams of Galangal, and 5 grams of fennel.
Boil using +/- 600 cc of water until the water levels stay +/- 200 cc only.
Strain the decoction
Drinking while still warm

5. Treating Hemorrhoids
Temuireng herb proven to effectively relieve hemorrhoids.
How to make a potion temuireng for hemorrhoids are:

  • 100gram temuireng rhizome, wash them clean and scar.
  • Squeeze the grated results.
  • Add the egg yolk and mix well
  • Drink the potion every morning after waking up.
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